I was just telling Joe (last night) how cool I thought the new Coca-Cola 'white' cans are. I was actually going to take a picture of the coke can and post it last night, but the cough syrup was more important. Plus this story is more funny today than it was yesterday.

Again just last night I expressed to Joe that I really like the different design for the holiday season. Its definitely not something I have ever see before and it is nice to have a change once and a while. However this morning, when I logged on to Yahoo! to check my email, I noticed that one of the top Yahoo! News stories was about the new white cans. I clicked on it and to my surprise it was a story about how Coke is taking back all the white cans and replacing them with traditional red ones because they got such negative feed back about the white cans. Some customers said it was too much like the silver Diet Coke can, others said the white can made the cola taste different and then a few said getting rid of the red color "bordered on sacrilege." Um....seriously people??? Blasphemous? Are you crazy? And why would the color of the can effect the taste of the soda inside?? Click HERE if you're interested in the crazy story.

I got a serious laugh with this story. Consumers are just ridiculous. Plus how did Coca-Cola know of these complaints? Did people actually call in to complain or send emails? Were there picketers outside the factories? Who would do that? Who has that much time on their hands? Furthermore, WHY WAS THIS A TOP STORY ON YAHOO NEWS?

Man. What is this world coming too? Here is my #336 - The now obsolete 'White' Coca-Cola cans. Get 'em while you still can!!!

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  1. How funny Erica! Actually, during Thanksgiving I had my parents and sis here. I usually only buy Diet Coke, but with them all out here, I bought both Diet and regular. I can't tell you how many times we thought we picked out a Diet in the fridge and accidentally opened a regular!!