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Merry Christmas everyone! I had a fabulous, kick back kind of day with my family. I almost felt like I had been drugged by something because I was in a daze all day today. Just tired and exhausted. Whew. The holidays can do that to you I guess! Joe and I are actually back at home and in bed for the night. Been here since 6:30pm. We're watching the Green Bay game and cuddling in our heated blankets! I'm actually hoping to go to sleep pretty soon. How funny is that. Its only 9 o'clock!!

Both Joe and I felt very lucky this year and got totally spoiled. My dad & Nancy gave us our Disneyland passes for Christmas, so we didn't have much to open this morning. But we had a wonderful time in DL and I'm so grateful for my parents and their kindness. One of my favorite things as a kid was my stocking. I loved hanging them up all season and having them filled to the brim the Christmas morning. Plus the excitement of digging all the way down and finding all the hidden treasures. I'm not sure what started the tradition; my parents could have just need something to weigh the stocking down or create a nice round shape at the bottom, but the last thing to pull out of the stocking was always an orange. Oranges are great this time of year and ever since I was a kid, its always a must have on Christmas. Even through my teenage years & adulthood, my dad & Nancy have kept the tradition and continue to give us an orange. (My older sister Kalie has now passed that tradition on with her boys!) My family makes fun of me a little bit because when I was a kid, I actually called it a 'peel' instead of an orange and we have a home video of me pulling it out of my stocking, utterly excited, claiming 'I got a peel!!!" Well here I am 29 years old and I was extremely excited to get an orange yet again this year. Thanks Dad & Nancy!!!

#359 - I got another 'peel'!

Now I'm looking forward to spending time with my Mom & Kelly tomorrow as well as the whole PECK family during our get together tomorrow night! Its gonna be great fun!

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