All I can say is Freal! That's right 'Freal!' Most people know that this is my made up word. I'm a huge fan of the response 'for real?' (in ANY situation or conversation.) I've said it forever and in the past I say year or so, I've shortened it just Freal or Freals. I even added it to my phone's predictive text dictionary for texting and I know a few people around me use it as well. I actually started it as a joke, but its kinda catchy, so I've kept it. A while back, my dad was surfing the web and found some shake machine called a "F'real." I don't know how he stumbled across it, but it surprised me to see the word made into a machine. Of course I've never seen this machine, so its hasn't really been a conflicted issue...until today. That's right, I went into a Maverick convenience store and after filling up a fountain soda drink, I set it down to put the lid on and I literally set it down right in front of this new machine. It was funny because I actually gasped out loud and shook my head. My word is now a manufactured milkshake machine! I find it strange that someone would name this machine a "F'real" anyway. What does that mean? How does it relate to a milkshake???

Oh well, I'm still gonna use it! #346 - All I can say is Freal???

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