So, I don't know if anyone noticed that I didn't post a picture last night. (Well except for my friend Joy who commented.) But yes I skipped a day. After a crazy busy day at Disneyland, my sister Andee and I, along with the twin girls, headed back to the hotel early to start cleaning up and prepping for 'check out' the next morning. Which is when I took my picture. However I got carried away with cleaning up, I forgot to post it. Then I was disturbed by a very sick husband that had to rush back from the park for me to take care. Taking care of him and making sure  he was okay enough to go to bed, also put me to sleep. Oh well...I'm almost done with this blog and I chose to skip last night. Shoulda done it when I first got back to the hotel. Anyways, here it is...

I finally purchased some 'Mickey Ears!' In all the years I have made an annual trip to Disneyland, I have never bought any. You see people with them EVERYWHERE in Disneyland and the designers are coming up with some great ones so almost everyone is unique. especially if people bring back their old ones, you rarely see 2 people with the same ears. I buckled down this time because I saw this "Dumbo" version on someone while were in line for the Matterhorn. I just couldn't resist!! Its so cute and it looks girly with the little skirt around the edges! Joe ended up getting one as well, so we walked around Disneyland all day yesterday in our 'ears!' I felt like I had finally been welcomed into some club!!

#350 - I conformed with 75% of Disney goers.

Andee took this picture of us in our hats!!

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