Today was a rainy/cold day in Disneyland. The first part of the day was bearable, but by 7 o'clock, we were done. Skipped World of Color and shopping and now we're back at the hotel ready to brave the cold again and go into the heated pool & hot tub! :)

Again I decided not to take my camera. It started as forgetfulness, but I was later grateful because it was wet most of the day and muggy. Nothing like carrying around an expensive/bulky camera when you're wet & sticky. When there was an opportunity to snap a picture, I just used my cell phone.

One of our favorite family rides is The Tower of Terror. (I used to be terrified of this ride, but it starting to become a highlight!) Each time the big "drop" of the elevator happens, they have a motion camera to snap the horror in your face. Of course we've been on this ride several times, so we know when & where the camera will snap a photo. We usually take this time to make silly faces or look overly terrified but this time my sister Andee, the brainiac, decided we should do something completely different. Since we're in Disneyland, she thought it would be fun if each of the six of us made a letter, using our hands and spell out something. We chose the word MICKEY. (Watching Andee brainstorm about this idea was more fun than actually doing it. Luckily Joe got it all on camera so we can relive the humorous moment over and over again!) We were hoping to get the back seat of the elevator so we would all sit in a row, therefore spelling it out correctly, but as luck would have it we were put in different rows and sat 3 and 3. However we did it anyway and I'm pretty impressed. You can't see my "E" very well because my hands are turned too far, but I think we did a good job!! Thanks Andee for the idea and thanks for 20 minutes of non-stop laughter!!! I did purchase this picture from the gift shop and printed out wallets for all of us to keep. Great keepsake that will keep me laughing every time I remember Andee's "quiet time to think."

#349 - The TV's projected result of our M.I.C.K.E.Y.


  1. Aw, man. I wish I was there with you guys right now! So fun!

  2. I love the homeboy on the back row taking a nap.