Wahoo!! I've only got 20 days left to go!

I get to blog about another wonderful Christmas happening!! I love this time of year! My mom & stepdad put together a family dinner at a local steakhouse tonight, then we went back to their house for dessert & white elephant gifts. Its always a great time, because this side of my family is THE best when it comes to white elephants. Everyone is so creative and funny!! This year we even had a real life 'hermit crab' passed around!!! Plus we've had a couple of gifts make several appearances. For quite a few years in a row, we had a porcelain Clown statue that we just re-gifted each year and we got some good laughs out of that silly clown for many Christmas parties. To go the whole year completely forgetting about it, then it reappears at the next Christmas party! Finally about 2 or 3 years ago, someone put an end to the clown. I believe I was the last one with it and its head broke off. However, we now a new 're-gift' to pass around. I was the lucky one that got to bring it home this year! Guess I'll have to tuck it away somewhere and save it for next year!! ;)

#354 - White Elephant fun! This awesome statue is actually a wine bottle holder. Its more just to smile at because the lobster is so cute and if I had a wine bottle....or a seafood themed kitchen, he'd be welcomed to stay on my counter. Too bad for him, he'll probably be bubble wrapped and stuffed in my closet. (Wouldn't want his head falling off and ruining another great white elephant tradition!!!)

Thanks Mom & Kelly. As always, tonight was great fun!! Thank you for spoiling us! LOVE YOU!

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