2 more after today and I'm DONE!!

Holy crap. I have just 2 more pictures to post up on this 365-day photo challenge. And I am soooooo ready for a break!! Wahoo!

My puppies were being extra affectionate with each other. Not sure why, but they kept cuddling with one another. I'd look down and Simon would literally be laying on top of a sleeping Lucas. Later I saw Charlie resting his head at Simon's feet. Then at one point they were cuddled up in a 'tri-fecta' ball next to Joe on the couch. I swear its like these 3 had some "Love Potion #9!" I know they love each other, but they are usually snapping at each other for stealing their toy away or snipping as they take our attention away from themselves. Its pretty funny how similar these 3 are to actual 3 human brothers. Apparently its a love/hate relationship. I pulled out my camera to capture all the lovin' going on and I was happy to snap this one, my #363's - Lucas loves his Simon!

I was able to snap this just milliseconds before Lucas' wet tongue smeared over Simon's face!! Yeah, glad I didn't get a picture of that mess!!! Haha!! But look at those cute whiskers on my little Simon. I love how his nose is perfectly in focus, but the rest of his body is blurry. Man I just love my boys!!!

And here is my Charlie. He was curled up next to Joe while Lucas & Simon were making out. Charlie is currently on steroids for his back problems and he's 'beefing' up a bit. Hopefully this guy won't need surgery. For now he's on limited activity and lots of food & water. For a pup, that's the life, right? Lazy & full!!!

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