WOW! I am about to post my 365th picture. I'm not going to lie, I think this blog challenge has been one of my greatest accomplishments. I have never really stayed true to a new years resolution, but I smacked this one out of the ballpark I think!!! It all started with a brand new camera and an idea I got from my Aunt Amie & Uncle Scott in AZ. This blog challenge got me a lot of attention with my close friends, acquaintances and even strangers. I didn't get the media attention I had hope...wink, wink. But I guess that was unrealistic. I do, however, want to print out my photos and make a book so I'll always remember this challenge and my continuing determination to complete it. Well, that and it was such a great journal through an entire year of my life; it'll be nice to have that in printed form. Now to find a website or company that will print 365+ photos with blurbs and long stories!!! That might be a pricey book. Maybe I should ask for donations from all my loyal readers!!!! LOL, any takers?? :)

I'll get on with the inevitable. Tonight was New Year's Eve and I celebrated it with parts of my family. We had a yummy Chinese dinner, games, more food, laughs, Just Dance 3 (where I pulled my groin muscle...yay me!) and made great memories. My idea for my last photo was better in my head than it was in real life. I bought a bunch of those 'champagne poppers' from the store and I was hoping to get an action shot of someone pulling the string and releasing the streamers and confetti. I enlisted my entire family to help me out! I'm really glad I bought a TON of those things, because take, after take, after take, after take, I just couldn't seem to get one. It happens in a millisecond and my shutter speed couldn't keep up. My family is always great supporters and tried to help me in ANY way possible. We ended up making a gigantic mess on my dad's kitchen floor. Confetti was everywhere and on everyone! After going through the hundreds of attempts, this one was my favorite and is a perfect close to my life's story in 2011. Now I'm on to bigger and better things...okay maybe not. I might just be on to blogger withdrawals...we'll see!!

My last picture, #365 - That's All Folks!

Now, who's up for the challenge in 2012?? Any takers? If you're interested but don't know how to blog or post, let me know. I'm always up for a quick tutorial!! Or take my sisters advice and skip the blogging part. Just post a photo everyday. Either here on blogger or on facebook. (And you don't have to be as anal as I have been. Don't worry about posting EVERY single day. Take the pictures everyday but post weekly.) Whatever you decide...if you're thinking about it...DO IT!!!! I have top pass the torch to someone.

Thank you, thank you to ALL my readers, followers and stalkers. This wouldn't have been fun without someone else enjoying it. This really was my life in 2011.  THE END!


  1. I think it is amazing Erica! I don't think I have ever stuck to something and done it every single day except wake up and eat lol ;o) Your pictures are beautiful and creative and this one is perfect for your last. Good job! I am still thinking about your suggestion/challenge, I have the rest of today to decide right? ;o) Happy New Year :o)

  2. I was a faithful stalker every day! I decided to take your challenge but i am going with the weekly or more thing. Thanks for doing this it was so awesome!

    Kenzie (andee's friend)

  3. So proud of you! I think I saw most every single post!! It was a wonderful glimpse into your life...opening your business, getting to know Joe a bit better...remodeling your kitchen...it's been a great year for you and now it's all documented!! I may seriously go through withdrawals wondering "What is Erica doing today?!" Love you!! Nice work.