Are you a shoe hoarder? Well I am! I have many collections of different things and shoes is one of my fondest. Joe on the other hand HATES it. He is constantly moaning about how many pairs I have. We share a closet and he complains that my shoes are over-taking his side. He begs me to clean it out or at least organize it. Well I'm one of those people that doesn't organize my shoes. Nope, I love a good hunt early in the morning or when I'm running late to something. Its true though, isn't it? You can NEVER find a 'set' when you're half asleep or in a hurry! I don't know why I don't just sit and organize it all...maybe its out of spite for my other half! Just cause he wants me to, I refuse! LOL

I bought 2 pairs of work shoes recently and I decided it was time. Time to clean out and organize. Joe noticed my huge pile of unwanted shoes and about blew a gasket. At first he was super impressed I finally started to clean it out and get rid of the ones I don't wear. But then he got frustrated thinking of all the money I've spent on those shoes and now I'm getting rid of them. (Hey Joe! I'll keep them if you'd rather not waste money!!! ;)  )  Men! Sometimes you just can't win, huh?

#342 - Thought I'd make him happy...but turns out he's more frugal that I thought! I'm still getting rid of them. A few are garbage and I think my sister may want a pair or two. The rest - DONATE!

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