9 pictures left!!

Another wonderful thing about this Christmas season, is all the Christmas cards!! Checking the mail each day has become the best part of the day, rather than the most boring. I love reading the great stories and seeing the cute family pictures. With not seeing my [far away] family and friends all the time, its so nice to get that yearly 'catch up!' And I'm not gonna lie, the pictures really are my favorite!! I slacked this year and didn't get my cards out in time...in fact I never got them printed. :(  However I still think I'm going to send them out, just after Christmas. It'll be more like a Happy 2012 card rather than a Christmas card. So, no worries people, I'll get them out soon.

Thank you to everyone who thought of us and sent a card. I'm excited to see the ones we have yet to receive. I love each of you and the time you spent sending them out. The thought was very sweet! Happy Holidays to all!!!

Holiday LOVE sent via snail mail! - #356

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