Man tonight was awesome! I can't stop smiling, I had so much fun!!! Joe and I have some great friends that invited us to a "Couples Christmas Dinner." She went all out, even creating decorations from ideas she saw on Pinterest (my new obsession). There was food & snacks galore, plus candles, wine, laughs, good conversation and then my favorite - decorating little cakes & cookies for dessert!

I've mention Lynda & Paul Lopez on this blog before, but I don't have enough blog memory to express how truly grateful I am for all that they have done (and continue to do) for me. Being included in their life & into their group of friends has completely changed my whole life. We now have a larger group of friends to share, and Joe & I are lucky to have such GENUINELY awesome supporters in our lives. LyLo & PLo have been there for me in many ways and I will be forever indebted to them.

Spending the evening with them and all our shared friends just made for an incredible night. (They throw some killer parties!!) Here are a few pictures from tonight. Like I said Lynda did a great job on the decor and my OCD went crazy when I started decorating my cakes & cookies. I just had to post some good ones!! Thanks again Lopez clan for including us and spoiling us rotten. You're the best!!

My awesome #343's - The annual Lopez's "Couples Christmas Dinner" Spectacular!

 Lynda's awesome name settings

 The centerpiece on one table

 Another centerpiece (also a candy dish)

 My plate of cookies

Mmmmm ... cookies!

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