Yay! I get to post about another Christmas outing already and its only December 4th!!!

My mom started a fun 'Ornament Exchange' tradition a few years back and it is always the highlight of the holiday season. We take turns giving to each other, so each person receives just 1 ornament and we have breakfast (or dinner) together the first Sunday in December. I've always loved this tradition, because we each give each other an ornament signifying something that happened that year. I remember getting one the year I started beauty school, it was a blow dryer ornament! I gave Kalie and angel with her late mother-in-law's name on it the year she passed away. Andee got some cute 'baby bells' last year for the twins' first Christmas and my mom got a Deer in a hunting vest the year she shot her first one. See? All good memories!! We've been doing this for 8 years now and you can imagine all the fun, creative & thoughtful things we've received. I'm so grateful that my mom and sisters have kept this tradition alive, and that they put a lot thought into it each year. We have all received one that has made us cry, smile or laugh hysterically!! It makes 'getting the tree all decorated' so much more fun! Revealing each ornament and reflecting on it significance.

This year was another incredible exchange! We had to move our 'breakfast' to dinner this year with my sister now working every Sunday morning, but we got to go to The Cheesecake Factory and of course order dessert!! ;)

I'm going to post a few today, but I thought I'd post my actual photo of the day VERY LAST, because it deserves the dramatization of the 'final' photo for the day. Andee had my name this year and she came up with something that literally brought me to tears!!

Here is Kalie & Andee

My Mom & I

Andee with her ornament from my mom. Andee had a rough 2011 trying to find a good prescribed anit-depressant/anxiety pill. Luckily Xanax is her new BFF and fortunately she has a great sense of humor about it! My mom got her some 'pills' to hang on her tree!!

My mom had quite a year with her dentist, so to lighten the subject, Kalie got her a set of chattering teeth!

Kalie had her baby boy Jacob this year, so I found a cute bottle ornament and wrote his name on the top.

And I got lucky this year and received the grandest of all. ;) Andee put together this replica of my salon door. She made it completely from scratch! I bawled when I opened it! Its just perfect!!!

And now here is my actual #338 - The best replica ever!! She made the door handle, lettering & a working curtain in the back. She even spray painted the frame of the door with the exact spray paint I've been using for certain decorations in my salon! Andee, this was SO THOUGHTFUL and will go down in history as one of my very favorites! Thank you so much for all the hard work in creating this amazing piece and for continuing to support my business! My Hair Lady is my baby and I'm so glad I get to celebrate all the joys of owning a business with special people like you!! LOVE YOU!

I also had to post a picture of the back. She put eyelets in the fabric & glued a wire for a curtain rod. Looks JUST like my door!! Seriously, isn't she amazing??

This year was great fun ladies! And even without the ornament exchange, spending an evening with you guys, giggling and laughing is totally the highlight of this wonderful holiday season! LOVE MY GIRLS!

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