We had a Snow Family Outing today. It was our annual trip up to Park City to ride the Alpine slide, coaster, zip-line and stop by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We've done this for years, usually on the LDS Conference weekend, but if I remember correctly we haven't done it as a large group for a really long time. I decided to turn it back into a yearly tradition and we scheduled it for last Sunday. However, my sister Kalie ended up having baby Jacob early Sunday morning last week and since most of us lost quite a few hours of sleep, we decided to postpone until this Sunday. TODAY!!

The weather was perfect and all the leaves have started to turn with the autumn season. Its quite breathtaking up there. I wish we had time to visit a more ruffage location, to get some great photos shots of all the colors. What we did see & capture on film was great anyway and we all had a wonderful time. Since Kalie has a little one at home, I picked up my nephew & took him up with us for the day. He isn't tall enough to go on the rides himself, so my hubby Joe took him on the slide & the coaster. Then while he went on the 'kiddie' rides, some of the adults did the zip-line. After the rides, we stopped but the chocolate factory for a mid-afternoon treat and headed back down to the Salt Lake valley where we were finally joined by Kalie & Jesse for a big dinner at Outback. It seriously was a fantastic day!! I loved every minute of it.

Here is my #275 - Family! Most of the family was ahead of us on the trail, but this is Andee, Kelly, Joe & little Jesse towing their carts to the top of the Alpine Slide. Thanks Kalie & Jesse for letting us take little Jesse. Joe had fun taking him on the rides!

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