Woot woot! Only 64 left!

Today was MTOTWYLO's! My sister Andee works for Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI) and we constantly tease her about all the acronym's the company uses. Almost all employee positions have an acronym, the company itself, programs, achievements...etc. We've even made up a few of our own just to poke fun. (Andee really loves this!)  Like they used to have Fun Food Fridays, so we named that FFF's. Andee applied for a 'Back-up Trainer' so we called that a BUT. And of course the annual Marriott Trick Or Treat With Your Little One's is MTOTWYLO's!! (We think we're funny anyway!!)

Last year I decided to tag along and join in on the fun. Plus I know a few of Andee's coworkers and I wanted to see her workplace. This year, same thing. Andee also needed an extra helping hand with the twins too. Our other sister Kalie comes as well and this year she got to bring her newborn baby boy in costume!

I hauled my camera around for almost an hour and hardly took any photos. Once I came home to see the shots recorded, I noticed my camera was on a weird setting and most of the photos I got were trash. UGH! I should have been paying more close attention!!! I didn't end up getting a good shot of the kiddos together, but I got some individually. (Sorry moms!)

Thank you Andee for working at such a great place and letting us come share in one of the MANY fun activities Marriott offers. (Even when we poke fun at your expense!) WE LOVE YOU!

#301's - Two cupcakes, a baker, the Grimm Reaper and a baby zebra. Happy MTOTWYLO's!!

Andee's apron says "We bake the sweetest CUTEST cupcakes!"

Jesse..er the Grimm Reaper and Jacob

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  1. Love all the cute costumes! Can't wait for Monday!! :)