283! That's right, only 82 more!!

The Monday night football game was freakin' awesome. I love a good divisional rivalry game. Tonight created some great milestones. It was a home game for the Lions, which they haven't had a Monday night football games AT HOME since 1974! Calvin Johnson aka Megatron, caught a pass for a 70+ yard touchdown which is the second longest passing play in Lions history.  And now makes Johnson the first player in NFL history to have 9 touchdowns in the first 5 games of the season. Also since the Lions DID end up beating out the Bears, they are now 5-0 which hasn't happened since 1956!! That's 55 years!!! Not to mention mine & Joe's excitement that his team (the Lions) and my team (the Packers) are currently the only 2 teams in the NFL that are undefeated.  (Too bad they're in the same division and only 1 can go to the superbowl!)  How cool is it that both of our teams are doing so well? Of course the Pack is doing awesome, since they won the superbowl last year, but the Lions have done so poorly the last few years. (In 2008 they were completely defeated with finishing the year 0-16...they didn't win a single game that year.) However they clearly have gotten their crap together and are dominating so far this year. I am now proud to own a Matt Stafford jersey...I've been ashamed for so long! Joe never lost faith and remained a loyal fan even through the major disappointing years.  Now I'm really nervous for the Thanksgiving game, because the Lions play the Packers that morning... Joe and I might need to sit in separate rooms! LOL Man, we love football in this house.

What a great game tonight and so awesome to see the Lions FINALLY doing so well. Cheers to both the Packers & the Lions for being undefeated so far this year. It'll be interesting to see which of these teams ends up on top of the NFC North this winter.

#283 - Monday Night Football ....  Gooo LIONS!!!

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