Can you believe you've seen 1 thru 296????  I've only have 68 left!!

There are days it is extremely hard to find a moment to snap a photo & post it each day. But I'm lucky to have a few days were so many different and exciting things happen, I just don't know which photo to post!! Hence the reasoning for some days have mulitples!! Well today is another one of those days!

First (my intended photo for the day) was yet another wonderful act of kindness! LOVE those!!! One of my clients, Donn, who I've been cutting for over 5 years, is also a very talented artist. He's been hired by many businesses to paint abstract art or graffiti. (For those in West Jordan, the Santa Monica Pizza place in Jordan Landing hired Donn to do all the art work in both restrooms. Check it out! And he just told me about a coffee shop downtown where he painted a whole mural!!) I've seen pictures of his work many times and he is incredibly talented! Well he came to "My Hair Lady" for the first time this past Saturday and asked me about my plans for future decorations...since my walls are pretty bare. I told him I was waiting to be inspired by something. He asked me if I had any leftover paint from the wall colors and of course I do, I bought 4 colors & a gallon of each!! Then he said he would make me an art piece using all the colors in my room! I was surprised he even offered and I didn't let him change his mind! I ran to the storage room and gave him my paint cans right then and there! I told him I didn't care what it looked like, just be creative and think of me and the 5 years we've known each other. I was shocked when I got a text message this morning saying my art piece was finished and he wanted to deliver it!! (Only a day & 1/2 had passed!) Of course I did everything I could to meet him this after noon at the salon and I was NOT disappointed!!! Donn put together an amazing piece and it fits perfectly in my salon! (I just now need to find a permanent spot for it!) Thank you Donn for creating such a wonderful painting, custom made just for me and "My Hair Lady." I am very pleased and appreciative!! You now have some free haircuts coming!! lol

#1 of the 2  #297'S - My "Donn Original"

And second, I attended "My Fair Lady" at Hale Center Theatre tonight. I've been to many plays there as I've posted in the past, but "My Fair Lady" is one of my all time favorite musicals. (It even inspired my salon name!) We have season tickets with my parents and I've been looking forward to this play for over a year now.  We have quite a few tickets and regular members of my family attend, but unfortunately with my sister Kalie's new baby & the fact that she was feeling under the weather, her & her husband Jesse did not attend. (You were missed!!!) Since we had 2 extra tickets, I not only brought along Joe, but my sister Andee and my great friend Elizabeth came as well!! We had a great dinner together at The Cracker Barrel, along with some great 'girl' talk. Plus goofing around with each other before, during & after the show made for a great time. Thank you Dad & Nancy for always including us in the Hale productions and thank you to my 3 dates Joe, Andee & Elizabeth. Tonight was just awesome!!! "I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night...." I LOVE MY FAIR LADY!!!!!

#2 of the 2 #297'S - The cast at Hale Center Theatre. Kudos to Professor Higgins! He was spot on and just fantastic!!!

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  1. That painting will look great in your salon! I can't wait to see it the next time I come in.