Another one bites the dust. 69 pictures left to go!

Sunday. I've mentioned plenty of times how much I love Sundays. Especially now that I'm no longer working that day of the week AND because its football season. Well today was just like any other Sunday - LAZY! I fell asleep on the couch watching the morning football game and Joe took a nap through the afternoon game. We kept the lights off and the TV volume down. One nice thing about living in a basement, is the cave-like feel. Its always dark and chilly. So its easy to fall asleep in & fun to cuddle up with many blankets!

Once the evening game started, we were kinda football-ed out and didn't care to much about the teams that were playing, so we FINALLY got dressed for the day and snuck out to catch a late showing of FOOTLOOSE! Joe said over and over (before AND during the movie) that he was such a great husband to be supportive enough to take his wife to a chick-flick type movie. He said it so many times I just had to laugh because in the past week since the movie has been out, Joe has mentioned seeing it at least 5 times. I don't think I ONCE said I wanted to see it! (I'm thinking Joe secretly wanted to see this movie SO BAD and just had to make himself feel macho with denying it.) Then he has to remind me of how lucky I am to have a sensitive & understanding husband. Blah, blah, blah! I see through your devious ways Joe Black!

The movie wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I am a huge fan of the original, but I did like the new 'modern' take on the story. It was interesting to hear the same songs from the original soundtrack, redone by current & popular artists. My favorite was "Holding Out For A Hero." That remake was pretty stellar. I might have to buy this soundtrack! The kid who played Kevin Bacon's role was awesome and was just as good/lovable as Kevin was. Now Julianne Hough wasn't my favorite...but I wasn't as annoyed with her as much as I thought I'd be. Dennis Quaid was awesome as Ariel's dad and the town Reverend. Overall I was entertained and thats what matters! Everyone should see it...at least once!

#296 - Good movie + great date + many chuckles between the two of us during the show = One Fantastic Evening!

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