I happened upon an excellent find today. I went to Orson Gygi (twice) today. Both times I made great discovers, but this one has kept me entertained for quite awhile this evening.

#290 - Lego candy! And they really stack & build!

Of course they call them "Construction Blocks" but...they're Lego's! I bought a few packages for my nephew Jesse (he'll love them as much as I do) and I had to buy a 3rd package for me to test out. Ya know, to make sure they were functional...and to see if they tasted good! Hahaha!! But yes, they are do work and they taste yummy. Like sweet-tarts actually!!

Simple photo tonight, but man these things are fun! Andee went to Gygi for 2 chef hats for their Halloween costume and Elizabeth went to find a large turkey baster. No lucky for Lizbit, but I sure found something during both trips. Yummy lemon drops & a skeleton apron for work. Then I found these Lego candies and salad tongs! Today was great fun, thanks ladies!

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