The countdown has come to 71!!!

Even though I feel utterly guilty for spending so much money this morning, there is a small part of me that is very excited to have 1 anxiety (out of the usual many) alleviated. With starting my own business I have had many financial hardships. Especially because its a lot of money up front. All of my supplies have been purchased, but I haven't been able to purchase a big 'back stock' of my coloring needs. I've just been buying boxes of color as people have made appointments. I feel like I'm at the beauty supply store 3 or 4 times a week and sometimes twice in one day. My biggest anxiety is not having the color I need to perform the requested service. What if its a new client and they want me to match their color but I have no idea what it looks like to even know what color to buy?? Or when my customer wants a certain color, but with whatever color is currently on their hair, I have to use something completely different to achieve the desired look. Also sometimes I have to mix mulitple colors to get the ONE color needed. For example, if someone wants a Red Brown and I don't have the 1 box of Red Brown, I have to use 2 boxes, a Red AND a Brown or if they want a level 5 and I only have 4 and 6, I have to mix. I end up using double the color just because I don't have the right supplies. Do you understand my anxiety now??  Sorry for the long explanation, but I'm so very happy I was able to buy out the beauty supply store today and stock up on ANY and ALL necessary color for future 'unknown' coloring situations.

It really is a weight off my shoulders. I actually had an 'unknown' color situation this morning and thanks to my large purchase, I had the exact color needed to complete the service. PHEW! Now to get my husband to understand the importance of a huge lump of cash being withdrawn out of our checking account...Do you think he might not even notice?? Hee hee!!

#294 - My bank account screamed, "Ouch!" But I replied with "Wahoo! Finally."

Oh and do you like the inside of my cabinet?? 
Thank you Joe!! (But I need those shelves up top. 
When can we get those put in?? Soon??)

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