This one is going to be quick. I've been having so internet problems and having to write this post for the fourth time is enough for me! Phew!!!

Okay, so long story short: We went for ice cream...at yummy LEATHERBY'S!! I ordered some yummy raspberry brownie goodness and Joe got a banana split. Well 2 minutes into eating my treat, our waiter came over with another ice cream sundae and told me he accidentally gave me the wrong one. Huh...no wonder I was each ice cream covered in strawberries, NOT raspberries!! LOL I didn't even notice!!! Oh well it was really good...obviously...and the waiter let us keep the raspberry one as well. So Joe had his banana split and I had TWO sundaes. One strawberry shortcake, the other raspberry brownie!

They gave us one of the sundaes for free since they mixed them up. We just packed it up and brought it home...hopefully it re-freezes well!!!

#299 - Fat girl and her TWO sundaes!! Boy was I spectacle with these 2 bad boys right in front of me! (Its true..people were staring!)

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