Another one down and 72 more to go!

We had a girls night out tonight; dinner & a show!! We had a mediocre dinner at Applebee's then we headed downtown to the University of Utah's Kinsbury Hall and saw the Odessy Dance Theater's "THRILLER!" ODT puts this on every year and if you're unfamiliar with it, you really should check it out. They have shows all the way up to Halloween and its pretty much an almost 2 hour dance recital full of Halloween/Scary themed dances. Of course the "Thriller" dance makes an appearance a few times, as well as a "Jason" themed dance with just 3 guys and an unexpected audience member! There were vampire dances, creepy circus people and even a dance dedicated to "Chucky." All of course are mildly spooky since kids are invited, but some were rather disturbing. Lots of fake weapons, nooses, fake blood spit into the air and even chainsaws. Plus the zombies prowling around the audience before the show were severely eerie.

But all and all it was a great 'girls night out.' My "Moms" treated all the girls. Yes my mom AND my stepmom treated me and 4 of my sisters. (Robyn & Brittany you were missed!!) We had lots of fun joking around as always and reliving good times. Plus making Andee laugh so hard she's on the brink of peeing her pants is a guaranteed good time. LOL

#293's - 'Thriller' was definitely a thrill. Thanks Mom & Nancy!!!

 Oooh...some creepy dude in the foyer.

Yup...Those are my girls!!

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