I have had my wicker chairs in my new salon for just 3 1/2 weeks almost. I loved the chairs and I was so happy with the deal I got on them. But ever since the salon opened I just haven't been completely satisfied. Plus I have had more than one customer tell me that they are uncomfortable. Eek! Not that anyone ever sits in them longer that 20 or so minutes, but it has really bothered me. My sister Kalie made me some great pillows and just today I found some seat cushions I wanted to try out that I thought would help...but upon tagging along to IKEA with my parents this evening, I found 2 chairs that were exactly what I was looking for. Of course I wish they were a little more flashy or decorative, but even just plain, I feel they are better than the wicker.

Luckily IKEA is just a hop, skip & a jump away from my salon, so my parents hauled them over and we put them up tonight. I even had Nancy & Dad try them out and 'pretend' to be waiting. LOL!!  Kalie's pillows still look great and I think the chairs fill the empty space a bit better. Now these ones, with great IKEA convenience, come with the option of slip-covers. I opted not to start out with slip-covers and just wait until the upholstery starts to get dirty. They have a great charcoal color cover that would look great in the room... I'll have to wait until my budget will allow it though!

#276 - 2 NEW chairs! The picture almost makes them look white, but they really are a deep creamy color.

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