Aaannnddd only 77 photos to go!

Today was exhausting. I worked 10 hours yesterday and beat that today by hitting almost 14!!!  It was a great day although long, I had some great customers in the salon. I started my day quite early doing a few of my clients hair for a wedding. I had to be there by 7:30 so I had to wake up at 6:45AM!! Thats so early for me! Then once that was over I headed to the salon and I stayed there until 9:30PM!!! Phew! It was a tough one and my body is definitely feeling it. As much as I love the hard work, my wonderful clients and visiting with my cousin I never see...working so much and standing on my feet all day has taken its toll. However I'm grateful for a caring and understanding husband, he offered to rub my feet & legs. I have my own personal masseuse living here!!

I feel much better and I'm now super tired. Thanks Joe for taking good care of me...I'm off to bed now.

#288 - Great way to end a very successful AND long day!

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