We scored some extra tickets from my dad to go see the Broadway play. They did an amazing job, especially with the set and props. It had Joe and I baffled on how they put together the big set pieces and their special effects.

I wasn't too impressed with their adaptation of the Mary Poppins Disney story, but that could just be because I love the original so much. They only used maybe 2 or 3 songs from the original movie and the songs they created for this play weren't the best in my opinion. Plus they veered off the original storyline so much, I was almost confused a few times.

Overall they did do a great job and had some talented cast members. Their Mary Poppins was spot on Julie Andrews original and she had an amazing voice. A little more snooty & precocious than Julie Andrews' Mary, but none the less very entertaining. 

Thanks Dad & Nancy for thinking of us when you came up with 2 extra tickets. Joe and I had a great time!!

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