I picked the best time of year to quit my job and start my own business. I now have the power to create my own schedule and I couldn't have planned it better. Never working a Sunday again and starting at the beginning FOOTBALL SEASON!  Even though the regular season started last week, I'm still excited I'll be able to enjoy Football Sundays with Joe from now on. There is something about the lazy day, staying in comfy clothes and your team jersey all day long, veggin' on yummy food and falling in and out of sleep. Aw, tomorrow is going to be heaven.

And to celebrate my first Football Sunday, I made my infamous Taco Soup. (Its truly the only thing I can make perfectly. I seem to ruin everything else...just ask my family.) But anyway, I came home from work tonight and prepared it to sit in the crockpot over night. My house already smells fabulous and I'm anxiously awaiting my first bowl for lunch tomorrow. I doubled the recipe, so I'm sure Joe and I will be munching on it all day long. Yummy!! (And we're making it Downward-style, with sour cream & cheese. Thank you to my brother-in-law Cory for introducing that to me.)

#260 - Taco Soup cheers to Football Sunday!!!

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