Somebody loves me!! I swear the saying 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' rings truth for me as well. You make me food, I will love you for life!! ;)

My friend Lynda had an awful day today. Just awful. She came in to see me at work so I could fix her haircut & give her a little TLC. Even in her sad/frustrated state, she found time to make me a HUGE container of FROG-EYE SALAD this afternoon! One of my favorites. This container is seriously huge, she must have doubled the recipe and gave me everything! Its like a 13x9 tupperware piece, chuck FULL of delicious salad, just for me!

The best remedy for a bad day, is to make someone else feel good. Which in turn, makes you feel good! My #249 - LyLo spoils me! Thank you Lynda for harnessing your energy and making me this yummy treat! I ate some at work AND when I got home tonight. (And I'm sure I'll be eating this gigantic bowl all week!) I love you and appreciate the thought! You're the bestest!!

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  1. this is seriously an all time favorite of mine..don't know how to make it but love eating it :D