Best find in a long time!  I didn't want to post anything about my new salon today, but I just can't help but be excited.

My my mom wanted to take me shopping for some decor/furniture for the shop. I wasn't too thrilled at first because the room isn't even close to being finished and I just can't envision what it will look like to even picture what decorations I should buy. Anyway, I decided to go just to see what was out there and may be get inspired.  Well we went to Pier 1 Imports...which is a little expensive for my taste. As we were browsing my eyes kept going to the wicker chairs. I was picturing 2 wicker chairs as my 'waiting' chairs. And of course each one I thought would look great was over $100 a chair. Eek! However after much browsing I found a chair I liked A LOT and it was only $80, which was the cheapest I found. Then I found its companion but it was marked on sale at 50% off. We asked the salesperson and turns out both chairs were 50% off. So that's $80 for both! Yet I have even better news. When we were fiddling around with the chair and finding cushions for it, we noticed on one of the legs, the 'wicker' is unraveling. Oh just wonderful! We grabbed another salesperson and found out that this chair was in the clearance/AS IS section and was only $14.99. Um hello! I could hot glue gun that sucker for $14.99!!! I was stoked. I decided to only get the one because the companion was still in the 50% off section and I couldn't spend $40 on a second chair. One would just have to suffice. Once I got up to the counter a third salesperson rang me up and proceeded to tell me what an awesome deal I was getting and said she couldn't believe I wasn't getting the companion chair to go with it. She told me it was also $14.99.  I was confused at first, but after talking for a bit, we found out the other chair also had an unraveling leg but she had temporarily fixed the wicker and none of the other sales people had noticed. And neither did I! (I'm thinking these employees need to get on the same fricken' page here!!) So yes LONG story short, I got 2 $80 chairs for only $30!!!! (I saved $130! - INCREDIBLE!) Sure the wicker needs to be fixed, but like I said, nothing a hot glue gun can't fix. Plus they are both on the back legs, so I don't think anyone would notice even if I cut the wicker completely off the leg.

I'm just now hoping the chairs look good and fit well in the salon, because since they were both 'AS IS' they are not returnable. Cross your fingers for me!!

#248 - The best Pier 1 Imports find EVER!

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